Monday, October 12, 2009

The Binding Rose

Flowers binding the scene....
the taught u never dreams...
the dark of da veins...

To be lucky in this world not as simple as we thought..

Life is just like a riddle and some might get into it and somebody might be lost..

The biggest fear of all in this life is that we've been sincere to ourselves in all these years???

Life can be so cruel at one moment and can be as peaceful and happily as in heaven..

To be in the middle of the night talking about the future isn't comprise to the world what you have been through with for as long as you live..

Its kinda rough at the time you're at the stake of the mountain reaching a hand for a success..


Are we actually clear enough what is the success means to the routine of life????

Well, it might be easy for those who was born with it..

How about people that climbing to the moon finding a shelter for the wound of their tears?

Seems like nobody have the answer..

Even i still searching the answer of the obstacles in my life..

It's not going to end up as we live between it with question..

Yet, I'm not gonna lose my path in the wide spread skeptical walks..

And hoping at least there is a piece of their journey can make my life worth with..


I may die before I can't barely close my eyes

This is my first baby blog..
Hope u guys enjoy it..

WIth love and hopes,
Jibs Salim

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