Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calit Bangsal

korek tali dlm botol
kuis bantal dlm perahu
selok tangan jpe karang
pelok tubuh sorok hati
janji hati dlm pinggan
hidup nyawa dlm cawan

minta gantang anak padi
simpan-simpan ibu gandum
anak tikus bwah kuali
cicak lari ats periuk
tersembur jua si ibu garam
lintang pukang katak manggis

gilap2 batu nila
pinang kacip asah2
anak itik kene salai
ibu ayam sorok anak
tabur2 bertih pisang
asam garam dalam balang
asal tunduk si padi huma
asal melayang si padi lalang

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


ade org bodoh buat bende bodoh
yg membodohkan diri smpi org lain yg bodoh bertambah bodoh
ngn kebodohan org yg membuat bende bodoh
yg lagi bodoh dari bende bodoh yg org bodoh buat..
bila die sedar bende bodoh yang dibuat itu bodoh
dan membodohkan org2 bodoh yg sedia ada bodoh
tros die membuat bodoh sambil membodohkan lagi org yg membuat bodoh
dengan bodohnya
kalaula bodoh itu bodoh dan org yang bodoh itu bodoh
maka bertambah lah org bodoh di dunia ni dengan kebodohan yg bodoh
sehingga yang bodoh nampak lagi bodoh
manakala yg xbodoh nampak bodoh
dan yg xberapa bodoh bertambah2 bodoh
kalau dihitung ngan jari kebodohan itu
maka bertambah bodoh la si penghitung itu
kerana menghitung bodoh itu bodoh
kalo sme bende dalam bende ni bodoh
dibahagian manakah tergolongnya bukan bodoh?
kalo org bodoh pon boley bodoh mencari jawapan
inikan pula org yg sentiase membodohkan org
terbodoh2 mencari jwpn yg bodoh

maka dengan itu


bodo itu anugerah
kalo anugerah itu bodoh
bermakna org bodo sje yg memperbodohkan anugerah itu
bukan sme org bodoh boley membodohkan org
dan bukan sme bende yg membodohkan datang dari org yg bodoh
dan bukan sme yg bodoh itu bodoh


Monday, February 22, 2010

Bangkok D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S

its been long time i havent written anytin here
sorry baby binding roses
quite bz these days
home chores,classes and lots more which i think i shouldnt states here..

just came back from Bangkok

its was a fabulous journey ever..
since Bangkok is my first holiday outside from Malaysia, all i can say is Wallaaa~
i think Bangkok is one of the selected state that i rather live lor
i mean if we see from the aspects of developing city
Bangkok is much much better than K.L
The city dat never sleep
the road, the building
its a chaos dat the fact dat we noe the taxi driver drove like hell,
but the period dat i spent in Bangkok was awesome..
there is no car accident, there is no theft n less congested area
the mrt is way way good than Malaysia
The foods..huhhhhhhh~ sodap baitu! Irresistible..
From the start i arrived,
our time was fill in with activities that i can say fun but exhausted but fun
thanx god to some of my frens dat done Bangkok like... DA~
its just on the fingertips..
the city was highly and amazingly planned..
5days is more than worth
all i can say is......
im speechless
i dunno how 2 describe it by words
but i guess u guys will understand it..

P/S: kwn2 ak nye blog da bley comment..padanla xde spe comment rpenye comment box ak disabled..hiks
kumen2 la mn yg ptt k

Tuesday, February 9, 2010




In the free time im doin my hobby
Taking nice picture is all i passionate with
Some picture taken by me
I think u guys knew it..
Enjoy it...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Faizah's Engagement Day

Hello hye
last saturday have to attend Faizah's Engagement
its a part of the portfolio of mine
here some pic 4 u guys

Faizah's Engagement Day

Make-up by Jibs Salim

JB Trip

and gud evening
i went 2 jb again
n this time wif my baby nikon d3000
i went to Roost Juice & Bar
it was awesomeeee
here some view for yer guys
enjoy it...