Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Eid Adha



as usual
everytin settled
no more test
no more exam
no more anytin
i'll be free

n 4 sure
dis is the first celebrating eid adha without my ma

masak rendang sorg kt dapo td
menangis ak jap
igt kalo dlu2
ade je arwah bising2 complaining about everytin
the present of her dah xde...
n masih rsa kekurngn
yg payah nk express
bkn nk lupakan die
cma kenangan ngn die
xbley lupe
n i sgt rapat ngn arwah
n feel awkward ngn ayh skrg..
i'll get used 2 it la



ok la
got to go
hv 2 sleep
god a big day 2mrw
bye love
bye frens

au revoir

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Missing her

Its more than 40 days since she left..
n i really2 miss her badly!!!!!
especially a moment when im not feeling well like now
she always called me when i was sick
she'S da ONE who calmed me down when i was sad...
she make me happy when i was dull
i miss herrr so damn much
only god noes hw i feel rite now
hope she'll rest peacefully there..
after a while
my heart suddenly drop off
remembering her....nvr ends
in depth more length
in joy i cry
in laughter im in pain


PD vs Bali????

last paper 4 dis sem ended today!
n we decided to release stress


our budget destination was in PD
its not as gud as Bali
but at least we shud be proud of to our mother nature
here some footage that i want to share wif u guys
enjoy it!!!

[ PD RAwks ]

[ Nyumnyumnyum! ]

[ Minah Bangla neh kene blasah curik ayam panggang kitorg ]

[ Hurm...Paya Bakau neh exotic ]

[ My Besties ]

[ Paya Bakau ]

love u guys!!!!
the best moment everrrrr!
will miss u guys
see u guys next semester

bon voyage!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


it been a while I haven't written anytin in here
hope u guys ok and happy

my life sux!!
without da loved one's
only frens dat can make me happy now
its not like im reluctant to be by myself
jst need a companion to talk with
and pampered myself a bit..
love where r u??
i need u now..
n i need to noe..
my faith i think
loved sumone who in other people's dreams..


i miss my rainbow so much
i wonder y the rainbow acting weirdly these days?
the rain is still standing still..
the sun still gave the reflection..
but y the rainbow not as peaceful as before?
am i the problem dat arouse in the rainbow?
is it the habits of d rainbow itself?
i dun hv d answer..
only rainbow noe the feelings
n i'm sure
the rainbow will not voice out..
like the rainbow always acted..
when the rainbow fade away..
all the emotions flew away..
all the thoughts scattered away..
n im back 2 the fact
that the rainbow
can't be touch..
can't be owned..
can't be feel..
can be held from far
d abstract of the rainbow..

i noe the consequences being part of the rainbow
n i aware of the possibility of the existence of d rainbow
when there's a rope
there's a hope
i think i'm d one dat believing in it
coz the instinct said so
what do i get?


[let people laughed at u when ur crying until they crying to see yer laughter in the future]

[no pain, no gain]

au revoir


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


if u really want me
plz appreciate me
and tell me
plz dun let me wait for u
untill i forgot who i am for u
plz dear plz...
if u dun want me..
plz let me go..
harsh word might works..
as if its d only way to make me hated u..

and plz dear plz
if u really-really want me
plz let it show
if u really dun want me
plz say it out loud

im giving up
waiting for u kinda hard 2 express
always waiting for u..
is it worth?
kinda worth 4 me
or if im da only one who cares?
plz dear plz
plz let me go as i wanted it to be..
plz dear
i'll let u go if u let me too..


hate dis feeling..
plz dun gif me hopes

i love u...
if there onther day for me to be born again
the love i have will nvr be broke..
the promise never tell lie..

help me to help you...

lots of lurve,