Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Butterfly

hey guys
wanna share dis movee with u guys
seriously this movee is so dramatically,
superb cinematography
and the content of the story itself AWESOME!!!!
4 those who didnt realize what the FRIEND relationship is,
u have to watch this movee
double thumbs uP!!!!!
yet another movies from melly goeslow

The story revolves around a point in the friendship of Vano, Tia, and Desi. A love triangle lies between them, where Vano secretly falls for Desi, while Desi is very protective of Tia and knows of Tia’s long-withheld feelings for Vano. Tia and Desi have agreed to both be friends with Vano and nothing more. The tale continues when they embark on a trip on Desi’s 20th birthday, a trip the trio have long planned. But Desi falls ill in the middle of the trip. Vano and Tia had wanted to bring Desi to the hospital, but Desi insisted on completing their journey, a journey where they learn the true meaning of love, friendship, and life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hye and assalamualaikum


da week i waited all dis long

exammmm week!!!
exhausted week ever
but still have to succeed this semester

new begining in my life
start all over again
new week
fresh day
there is always sumtin in my mind
which i cant explain it verbally
sumtin that i cant express
and i cant really imagine wat is it?

plz god help me
in the way to show da path
its confusing
and breath taking
to wait sumone that i never have
be strong
an hope strive da thing easily

cross fingers!

ok guys

dats all 4 today
au revoir

Thursday, October 22, 2009


hye guys
its been a while i havent blogging myself
time ran so fast..
n i didn't notice that its thursday nite today!!
usually i never been at home in the moment like this ..


4 da love ones
i made up my mind and make a change
4 da sake of ourlife to make life better and fill in with sumtin dat we can share together..
memorizing her will never be end
but i've to move on and make it easier 4 me and others
its more length and long depth..

not to forget
this week is the tough week eva!!!
lots of presentation
lots of test
lots to lost
and i lost the one i loved for a long time
where r u dear fren?
hope u'll ok..
miss yer sarcastic and cynical talks
miss yer present


ok guys
its all for today
c u guys on the next post!

au revoir

Yuni Shara

sepi hati terjadi lagi
mungkin sampai mati aku sepi
biar senyum hadir di hariku
namun ini hanya ada di bibir
di bibir saja

aku ini yang bisa mengerti
walaupun yang lain mau mengerti
namun berat beban di hidupku
biarkan saja biar saja
hanya ku yang tahu

sejarah cinta dan hidupku
penuh duri dan banyak ranjau
butuh kesabaran yang penuh
untuk tetap kuberdiri
oh! ada saatnya kubicara
bila hatiku t'lah bulat
sepanjang ku bisa atasi semua
aku tetap diam

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Its hard to be with u..
And hope to be with u together as two..
I have u but i dun have u..
What shall i do if the person is not u..
Hope its true as u in u..

The time has come
and the birds sang their rhyme..
The wind blow the shining silk of my heart..
and flew away with the wind
scattered away the dime

The forest cries their leaves..
The beetles spread their wings..
If the river can smile..
How it will could be?

The stars spread the spells..
The rainbows faded like a veil..
Clouds split the leak...
The sun unboiled..
The sorrow of the mountain..

U have me..
and i owned u..
Together we smile..
Together we cry..
Its just a dream of the broken hearted
Once its broke
Forever its broke..
The bind of the roses
couldn't heal the wounds..

Hope to meet u again..
In the real life of pain..




its been 2 day i haven't updating my blog
went 2 jb dis past 2 days
meeting sum fren and ........

it was enjoyable moment ever
thanx 2 all da frens dat make my day cheerful
feel proud that some of my frens were move forward in their life..
its been ages
i haven't met them
n its wonderful 2 have them back..

im waiting for sumone
that i really2 wanna meet,
but no luck mayb
have to try harder 4 sure next time
at the same time

i met sum1 oso...
it was a very funny and unforgettable MOMENT!

stop da slutty thinking!!!!
i've been so slutty 4 da past 2 days
n i had enufff

in pj now
n goin back to shah alam later
start back life with the same old scene
its life

hopefuly miracle happen this week..
n i'll be the one who witnesses it passionately..


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Apa yg akan jadi xsprt ape yg di rncg!
Seyesly!!! Xske menyusahkan org..
Cma rasa sedikit keciwa...
Xsalhkan die gak..
Die pon ade kehidupan die yg nk kna wat ari2..
Bende nih pon ak xexpect akan jadi...
ak lak kna marah!

Sbb 2 ak xske merancang bende awl2!!
Mesti xjadiknya...
Its A FAith!
Aku trima seadanya..
Ade msa nti ok la 2..
Kite xboley nak mengharapkan sme bende baik jadi sekaligus...

F*** another news!!!
Plan 1 lagi xjadik lagi...
Ape da jadi neh!!!
Hari malang utk ak ari nih
Bermula dari awal pagi hingga ler ke petang...

Langit x selalunya cerah..
Mendung xbererti hujan..
Guruh berdentum dilangit..
Air di tempayan dicurahkan..

Redang R.A.W.K.S!!!!

I've went to Redang Island on the mid of this year..
It was fun and awesome!
Seriously!!!! The sand and the ocean stunning!

On the first day, i went cycling around..
Noting much in the island..
Less car,
Less people,
More to earth and nature environment..


Next day early in the morning...
We went for snorkeling...
Double fun!!!!
The fish and the sea's choral was beautiful!!


Nite life there was extremely awesome..
Im a party boy!!!!
Yet we spent all the nite partying and........
u noe what aiteeee????

We've been there for 3days and its a wonderful moment in my life..
Appreciating the environment..
and enjoyed the scenery!!!!
Tahap orgasm!!!!!

Hope 2 go there later sometime..
Or any other island maybe..
Your suggestion might be useful guys!

Jibs Salim

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


F*** I hate myself
Overslept again! I got test early in the morning today!
What should I do..
I missed to much class.. Have to do something!
Huh! I'll figure it out later...


Presentation!I hate presentation!With the slides and everyting...
This subject is not suppose to be in the presenting thing!
But im done with the task given...

And I'll b in JB tonite..


Assalamualaikum to the muslims
and Bonjour to the non muslims

As for today, nothing much to do..No classes..Struggle on my assignment.. 1 down 2 more to go...
Its been a tough and stressful week
Have to catch up everything that been left...
Life must go on...

As my closer friends said before..
No such thing '0' in yer life..
Without '0' there is no 10,100,1000 and others...
As for me, life without her is life without '0'..
Her smell and existence still around down to the heart...
The impact is vague..
No more hurt
No more pain
No more trying

No more tears
No more

But from her left...
I learned to be a strong person inside..
I learned to be independent..
I learned what is love..
I learned what is loneliness..
I learned who is relatives who is not..
I learned much and more in future..

Goodbye love..
Welcome new love..

She's Smart!She's Flirt!She's SExy!She's The Gorgeous Qamy!

Hye guys..
Its a favor from a friend to make her successful in her career

If there anyone of u guys need her magical touch and the best creation ever
for dinner or anything
Plz call
Mis Qamy

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brunettes vs Blondes

Hair coloring is the latest fashion trend, and today more and more people start coloring their hair to look different and new. Some believe that a hair color can add some shine, meaning and fun to their hairstyle, while for others it is just the easiest and fastest option to change their looks.

For many, many years we have been hearing that blond women tend to have more fun, and that "gentlemen prefer blondes," but the findings of a recent survey suggest us the opposite.

A new study by Garnier Nutrisse hair colouring found that, in reality, it is the brunette women who actually have the best in life. It has been revealed that dark-haired women earn much more and are more successful in the workplace and in the bedroom than blonds or redheads.

Garnier surveyed around 6,000 people as part of its research, both women and men, and found that brunettes are twice as likely to earn $65,000 to $80,000 compared to their flaxen-haired friends. In addition, 75 per cent of people think that brunettes are smarter and more intelligent than blondes, and 71 per cent would pick a dark-haired woman as an ideal partner for a long-term relationship. 81 per cent of people surveyed consider brunettes as the most genuine, and 66 per cent said they are the least moody.

When it came to partners and relationships, the poll revealed that, unlike what we might have believed so far, the dark-haired women are the most successful in love and personal relationship. A quarter of the surveyed brunettes have rated themselves as above average in bed, considerably more than blondes and redheads, who admitted that steamy situations make them shy.

This has prompted the colour psychologist Anjula Mutanda to conclude that brown hair goes hand in hand with confidence and self-awareness, and that it was a good option for women who wanted more gravitas, especially after seeing their hair go darker with the passing of time.

"Some hair colors tend to darken naturally with age and so brown hair can be associated with confidence and self-awareness. These positive qualities instill a sense of trust and assurance which is mirrored in how others behave towards them. Therefore many women who become brunettes often report a difference in reaction to them - for the better." Mutanda explained.

This survey is backing similar data by British hairstylist Andrew Collinge who conducted his own survey last year. According to his findings, men think that blondes are better as girlfriends, but brunettes are the best for settling down with.

"It has always been said that blondes have more fun and men obviously enjoy going out for dates with blondes as well as upgrading them to girlfriend status," said Collinge.

"But when it comes to marriage, men seem to opt for brunettes as they see them as more dependable and down-to-earth. This is really surprising when you think we're in 2008 and the blonde versus brunette debate is still rumbling on - I'm surprised as I thought men were more modern than this! I'm obviously in the minority as I married a blonde."

Around 3,000 men participated in a poll, and almost half of them said that dark-haired women were the most loving and caring. Men also expressed the opinion that brunettes were the best housewives - 51 per cent said they were best at housekeeping and organizing the home in general, while 48 per cent thought they were the best cooks.

Andrew Collinge added: "This just goes to show how important first impressions are to men, however it doesn't mean it is time to rush to the salon for a drastic image change - at the end of the day, men marry a person not just a head of hair."

"It is more important that women are happy and confident in who they are and how they look, and make the most of what they have. It is all about having a good relationship with yourself that makes you attractive."

Today there are a number of colors one can choose from, and obviously different people have different tastes, it might be blond hair and blue eyes that suites your taste best, it might be green eyes and auburn hair, or in other cases dark brown eyes and dark hair. No matter whether you have blond, brown, black, red or blue hair there are always going to be the typical stereotypes for your particular hair color.

Some blondes are intelligent and some blondes are not interesting to talk to, some brunettes are fun-loving and some brunettes are boring, it is all so individual. The combination of hair colour, style, skin tone, eye color, make-up and dress sense is all in combination that contributes to the way that you are being perceived by people.

Vida La Vida

The cloud tears their cry and

The ocean will not abundant apart..

The shooting stars released their stripes

and the moon gave a sarcastic smile..

Will the sun still standing by?

The joy we set up..

The tears we made up..

The laugh of pretend..

The smile of sins..

The curse of the lips..

Is the truth of mans..

Bold and beautiful..

Hard and harsh..

Scar and shy..

Proud and plump..

Clean and crooks..

The deeds of needs..

L.I.F.E. is R.O.L.L.E.RfuckingC.O.A.S.T.E.R!!!!!


and Hye all the viewers

Im an amateur who's looking forward into the photography world..
trying harder to makes better
and hopes u guys can be apart by giving opinions and advices..

Here guys 4 u and enjoy it (*_<)

The Memoir of da Love Ones

This pic taken on 25th Sept 09
on her burfdays...
As the time goes by..
Its almost 2 weeks she left..

I'll will always love u..
Forever and ever..
Love your smile..
Miss your smile..
Miss your talk..
Miss everyting about you..
You're da one..
You're the best ever..
You're my mum..
And always mine..
Love you Mama..
Rest In Peace [30th Sept 09]


The Binding Rose

Flowers binding the scene....
the taught u never dreams...
the dark of da veins...

To be lucky in this world not as simple as we thought..

Life is just like a riddle and some might get into it and somebody might be lost..

The biggest fear of all in this life is that we've been sincere to ourselves in all these years???

Life can be so cruel at one moment and can be as peaceful and happily as in heaven..

To be in the middle of the night talking about the future isn't comprise to the world what you have been through with for as long as you live..

Its kinda rough at the time you're at the stake of the mountain reaching a hand for a success..


Are we actually clear enough what is the success means to the routine of life????

Well, it might be easy for those who was born with it..

How about people that climbing to the moon finding a shelter for the wound of their tears?

Seems like nobody have the answer..

Even i still searching the answer of the obstacles in my life..

It's not going to end up as we live between it with question..

Yet, I'm not gonna lose my path in the wide spread skeptical walks..

And hoping at least there is a piece of their journey can make my life worth with..


I may die before I can't barely close my eyes

This is my first baby blog..
Hope u guys enjoy it..

WIth love and hopes,
Jibs Salim