Sunday, October 18, 2009


Its hard to be with u..
And hope to be with u together as two..
I have u but i dun have u..
What shall i do if the person is not u..
Hope its true as u in u..

The time has come
and the birds sang their rhyme..
The wind blow the shining silk of my heart..
and flew away with the wind
scattered away the dime

The forest cries their leaves..
The beetles spread their wings..
If the river can smile..
How it will could be?

The stars spread the spells..
The rainbows faded like a veil..
Clouds split the leak...
The sun unboiled..
The sorrow of the mountain..

U have me..
and i owned u..
Together we smile..
Together we cry..
Its just a dream of the broken hearted
Once its broke
Forever its broke..
The bind of the roses
couldn't heal the wounds..

Hope to meet u again..
In the real life of pain..


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