Monday, February 22, 2010

Bangkok D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S

its been long time i havent written anytin here
sorry baby binding roses
quite bz these days
home chores,classes and lots more which i think i shouldnt states here..

just came back from Bangkok

its was a fabulous journey ever..
since Bangkok is my first holiday outside from Malaysia, all i can say is Wallaaa~
i think Bangkok is one of the selected state that i rather live lor
i mean if we see from the aspects of developing city
Bangkok is much much better than K.L
The city dat never sleep
the road, the building
its a chaos dat the fact dat we noe the taxi driver drove like hell,
but the period dat i spent in Bangkok was awesome..
there is no car accident, there is no theft n less congested area
the mrt is way way good than Malaysia
The foods..huhhhhhhh~ sodap baitu! Irresistible..
From the start i arrived,
our time was fill in with activities that i can say fun but exhausted but fun
thanx god to some of my frens dat done Bangkok like... DA~
its just on the fingertips..
the city was highly and amazingly planned..
5days is more than worth
all i can say is......
im speechless
i dunno how 2 describe it by words
but i guess u guys will understand it..

P/S: kwn2 ak nye blog da bley comment..padanla xde spe comment rpenye comment box ak disabled..hiks
kumen2 la mn yg ptt k

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