Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Butterfly

hey guys
wanna share dis movee with u guys
seriously this movee is so dramatically,
superb cinematography
and the content of the story itself AWESOME!!!!
4 those who didnt realize what the FRIEND relationship is,
u have to watch this movee
double thumbs uP!!!!!
yet another movies from melly goeslow

The story revolves around a point in the friendship of Vano, Tia, and Desi. A love triangle lies between them, where Vano secretly falls for Desi, while Desi is very protective of Tia and knows of Tia’s long-withheld feelings for Vano. Tia and Desi have agreed to both be friends with Vano and nothing more. The tale continues when they embark on a trip on Desi’s 20th birthday, a trip the trio have long planned. But Desi falls ill in the middle of the trip. Vano and Tia had wanted to bring Desi to the hospital, but Desi insisted on completing their journey, a journey where they learn the true meaning of love, friendship, and life.

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