Wednesday, November 4, 2009


if u really want me
plz appreciate me
and tell me
plz dun let me wait for u
untill i forgot who i am for u
plz dear plz...
if u dun want me..
plz let me go..
harsh word might works..
as if its d only way to make me hated u..

and plz dear plz
if u really-really want me
plz let it show
if u really dun want me
plz say it out loud

im giving up
waiting for u kinda hard 2 express
always waiting for u..
is it worth?
kinda worth 4 me
or if im da only one who cares?
plz dear plz
plz let me go as i wanted it to be..
plz dear
i'll let u go if u let me too..


hate dis feeling..
plz dun gif me hopes

i love u...
if there onther day for me to be born again
the love i have will nvr be broke..
the promise never tell lie..

help me to help you...

lots of lurve,

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