Tuesday, November 10, 2009


it been a while I haven't written anytin in here
hope u guys ok and happy

my life sux!!
without da loved one's
only frens dat can make me happy now
its not like im reluctant to be by myself
jst need a companion to talk with
and pampered myself a bit..
love where r u??
i need u now..
n i need to noe..
my faith i think
loved sumone who in other people's dreams..


i miss my rainbow so much
i wonder y the rainbow acting weirdly these days?
the rain is still standing still..
the sun still gave the reflection..
but y the rainbow not as peaceful as before?
am i the problem dat arouse in the rainbow?
is it the habits of d rainbow itself?
i dun hv d answer..
only rainbow noe the feelings
n i'm sure
the rainbow will not voice out..
like the rainbow always acted..
when the rainbow fade away..
all the emotions flew away..
all the thoughts scattered away..
n im back 2 the fact
that the rainbow
can't be touch..
can't be owned..
can't be feel..
can be held from far
d abstract of the rainbow..

i noe the consequences being part of the rainbow
n i aware of the possibility of the existence of d rainbow
when there's a rope
there's a hope
i think i'm d one dat believing in it
coz the instinct said so
what do i get?


[let people laughed at u when ur crying until they crying to see yer laughter in the future]

[no pain, no gain]

au revoir


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